Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dragons! Dragons! Dragons!

For 40 years, humans and dragons have coexisted. The two races don't like--or trust--each other, but the peace treaty has done its job to prevent war. But as the anniversary of the signing nears and the land prepares a celebration to honor dignitaries from both sides, a royal prince is murdered. The suspect? A dragon--because who else can it be. Thrown into the middle of the investigation, which turns out to be far more complex than anyone imagined, is Seraphina, head of the royal musicians. Seraphina keeps a dangerous secret: She is half-dragon, an impossibility and an abomination in the eyes of both sides. With her uncanny understanding of Dragonkind and some very unusual powers, Seraphina might be the only one in the kingdom who can get to the bottom of whats going on. But can she do so without divulging her secret?

Whether you into dragons or just a fan of epic fantasy, Seraphina is the book for you! --AJB

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