Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A "Mysterious" find

It's the year 4022, and life as we know it is no longer life as we know it. In fact, little is known about the once-thriving land once known as Usa. Then amateur archaeologist Howard Carson (quite accidentally) makes an incredible,  first-ever discovery: Deep beneath the earth is an ancient burial chamber--still sealed! Within, Carson finds never-seen-before evidence of the primitive culture that was once a mystery to him. As Carson and his team excavate this monumental find, they make educated guesses about the people of Usa's way of life and death. And how wrong they are! 

The Motel of Mysteries is a parody of sorts about the field of archaeology--and how wrong the so-called experts can be when making snap assumptions about ancient civilizations based only on what they find buried beneath the earth. Was that small, domed object a ceremonial head-dress...or was it a cereal bowl used by the children yester-millennium to contain their Fruity Pebbles? Sure, you'll get a good chuckle at the wild assumptions Carson and his team make. And yes, this book IS good for a laugh or six. But it's deeper meaning is this: Who we truly are is not to be defined by appearances or material possessions. I mean, do you really want someone to someday define you solely based on that Gangnam Style ringtone you never got around to changing? Didn't think so. --AJB

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