Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fantastic First Lines: Going beyond "Once Upon a Time"

Sometimes, the first line of a book is so great, funny, curious or, yes, even disturbing, that you just HAVE to read the rest of the book to find out what happens next. Sometimes the rest of the book doesn't live up to the awesomeness promised by that first line. But other times... Other times, reading that book with that fantastic first line becomes a magical, transcendent experience from which you emerge a changed person. Or maybe that book just becomes an all-time favoriteIf you read a lot, something like that's bound to have happened to you at least once.

This in mind, OPL's Teen Department is featuring some books with some great first lines. You'll find them in the display window next to the Graphic Novel shelves. Some of them are well known. Others might have gone unnoticed had we not called attention to them. All have first lines that just beg you to continue reading until the final page.

For example:

"A tooth was missing, and that was never a pleasant thing" - Scowler, by Daniel Kraus

"The best day of my life happened when I was five and almost died at Disney World" - Going Bovine, by Libba Bray

"Benny Imura couldn't hold a job, so he took to killing" - Rot & Ruin, by Jonathan Maberry 

"It seemed like a good idea at the time," - Notes from the Midnight Driver, by Jordan Sonnenblick

Curious? Check out the display for more great first lines...and great books! --AJB

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