Monday, May 13, 2013

Breaking Point

This sequel to last year's dystopian hit, Article 5, delivers just as much excitement as its predecessor. After a narrow escape from prison, fugitives Ember and Chase find themselves on the run from the Federal Bureau of Reformation (FBR). The two take refuge with The Resistance, an underground movement dedicated to overthrowing the government and building a more peaceful and tolarant society. Despite reports of an anonymous sniper picking off FBR agents, Ember still tops the government's most wanted list. The teen has an important decision to make: Continue to run or fight back.

Breaking Point is most definitely the middle book of this trilogy. Although exciting, it leaves many loose ends and unanswered questions. And it's pretty involved. So you'll need to read Article 5 first to understand all that's happening. But that's no reason to miss out on this trilogy.

And p.s.: Expect the third and final book to be released sometime next year!

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