Monday, May 20, 2013

Like Percy Jackson? Try these!

You've read about Percy Jackson's adventures defeating the dreaded Titan Kronos (and maybe you've even seen the movie). You've devoured the first three books in the Heroes of Olympus series. Maybe you've even delved into The Kane Chronicles. And now you're anxiously awaiting Rick Riordan's upcoming book, due out in October. But considering it's only May, that's a long time to wait! And you definitely need something good to read between now and then. Fear not! We've got just what you're looking for. It may not be Percy, Annabelle, Grover, and everyone else at Camp Half-Blood, but hopefully it's close to being as good.

For the rest of this month, the Teen Department will be featuring a display of books you'll very probably enjoy if you liked the Percy Jackson series. This can be found along the top of the fiction shelf closest to the Teen Reference Desk.   And trust us...we did a lot of research to come up with this list of PJ read-alikes. There's even an "Ask the Oracle" game, where the answers to all those universal questions will be revealed to you. But be sure to concentrate on your inquiry. Otherwise, the Oracle might ask you to order her a pizza instead of answering your question (Hey, it's tough being cooped up all those years!). 

And, of course, the librarian on duty is always happy to help you if further reading is what you desire. --AJB

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