Sunday, May 5, 2013

Kill Me Softly--A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong

Mira never knew her parents (they were killed in a fire shortly after her birth). Her guardians, two well-meaning but overprotective women, refuse to tell her anything significant about her past except to stay away from the town of her birth (and her parents' demise), Beau Rivage. By her 16th birthday, the mystery of the forbidden town is so great Mira can think of nothing else.So she does what any self-respecting and rebellious teen would do, she runs away to see what the fuss is about. What she finds there is nothing short of bizarre! Beau Rivage seems to be populated by fairy tale characters...and not the bubble-gum sweet Disney-fied versions either: Vivian is obsessed with her appearance, but not in the way one might think. Jewel is constantly choking up flowers. In fact, everyone Mira meets seems to have decidedly odd, well, quirks.  Most notable are those two guys Mira just can't seem to avoid: Felix, who is so charming she can't help falling for him, and Blue, who is so infuriating it's practically hate at first sight. In fact, everyone Mira meets seems to marked for some unavoidable and tragic fate. And it's becoming clear that not every tale ends with Happily Ever After. There's more going on in Beau Rivage than meets the eye. And Mira better figure out what it is before it's too late. 'Cause she's marked for something too.

Although Kill Me Softly is predictable (you'll likely figure out what's going on early in the book and wonder why Mira is so clueless), it's still a highly entertaining story. And there are a few unexpected twists. Not my favorite retelling, but enjoyable enough to recommend. --AJB

p.s. Kill Me Softly is one of the Yalsa Top 10 recommendations for 2013.

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