Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Book Love! (February Displays)

If books are your one great love (or even if you just enjoy reading), stop by the Teen Area in February and check out some of our seasonal themed displays! We promise, there's lots of fun to pick from!

We have:

  • Who Is Your Book Crush?, located on the curved shelf nearest the Teen Desk, is a display of books containing some very crush-worthy characters. Also, there are slips to fill out so you can let the world know who your Book Crush is. Or submit it anonymously (we promise, your literary crush will be safe with us!)
  • Blind Date with a Book, also on the curved shelf. See those big brown envelopes? Each one contains a mystery book (we let you know the type, but nothing else) that won't be revealed until you check them out. p.s. Be sure to fill out the review slip that comes with the book to let us know how your "date" went!
  • Love Is An Open Door/Absolutely NOT A Romance: On the back window between the Graphic Novel shelves is literally a display for everyone. Are you looking for a Great Romance? We've got you covered. Do you loathe "kissing books" and want a book with no yucky love stuff? We've got that too.
  • RED Any Great Books? On the small window next to the printer, we have books with Red covers. And in contrast Got the Winter Blues? (atop the curved fiction shelf across from the bathrooms) features books with Blue Covers.
  • Just down from Got the Winter Blues is a display of Award Winners. Want to check out books both the critics and fans love? Just want to read something really impressive? You'll find it here.
  • In the magazine room window is All Dressed Up and Nothing to Read? which are books whose covers feature some beautiful dresses. They may be awesome books or not so much (that's up to you to decide), but they sure do have pretty covers! (it's also a reminder that OPL is a collection site for Hope Closet). 
So no matter what kinds of books you love, the OPL Teen Department has something for you!

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