Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sometimes It Happens, by Lauren Barnholdt

You might be able to guess what this story is about based on the title. Sometimes It Happens explains a concept of friendship, love, and betrayal. The story begins with Hannah on the first day of her senior year. Although, most teenagers look forward to their last year in high school as they are about to have their freedom but Hannah, on the other hand, is dreading her first day of senior year. Why? It's because she has to face her ex-boyfriend Sebastian who dumped her at the end of her junior year, her best friend Ava who has been away for the entire summer, and of course Ava's boyfriend Noah who has been hanging around with her and their friendship blossomed to something more over the summer. So how is Hannah going to get through this day and will they still be friends when her secrets are revealed? What is her relationship with Ava going to be like? And Noah?

The story also takes you from the present to the recent past. It really helps you understand what happened before and why everything occurred that way. I got to experience everything through this book: The drama, humor, romance and adventure! *JK*

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