Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Varjak Paw, by SF Said

Young Varjak Paw, a Mesopotamian Blue kitten, lives with the rest of his cat clan in an old house high atop a hill, a beloved pet of an elderly woman. Shunned by his siblings for being different, Varjak does his best to keep a low profile. His only solace are the stories his grandfather tells of their ancient ancestor, the great Jalal, the cat who developed The Way, a secret martial arts known only to a chosen few cats.

Then one day the old woman vanishes. In her place are a mysterious Gentleman and his sinister feline companions, and soon Varjak's whole family is in grave danger. 

Fleeing the only home he's ever known and swearing he will get help, Varjak is soon at the mercy of the City and all its dangers. 

It is here he learns Varjak faces his greatest fears and learns he is a very, very special cat--perhaps the only one who can stop the Gentleman's evil plot and save the day.

Varjak Paw by SF Said is one of this year's Battle of the Books selections, and it is well worth your time! --AJB

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