Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Skylark by Sara Cassidy

Do you sometimes feel hard done by that your friends have a cooler phone or more brand-name clothes than you? Do your parents make you clean your room, and put the garbage out?
What if you didn't have a bedroom, or even any garbage to put out because you are not living in a house? Would that make you feel differently about your life now? 
Skylark is a short, poignant book that gives readers a brief but detailed glimpse into the life of Angie, a 14 year old girl, her brother Clem,  and their mom who are 'between homes' and live in a car, a Buick Skylark.
Angie is able to cope with the situation by losing, and finding, herself in the poetry and stories she creates out of the life she is living, and being brave enough to perform them at a Poetry Slam.

Well worth reading;  doesn't take long to read but it will stay with you a long time. SM

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