Thursday, December 8, 2016

Book vs. Movie

What do you usually prefer? 

The book version or the movie version?


So... Books allow for so much more detail. I mean, how often does a key scene get left out of a movie? How often do movies just get the whole thing wrong? And, when it comes to the final part in a series, the book usually doesn't get split into two or more parts so the studio (or whoever) can squeeze more $$ out of the franchise. Everyone says, "The book is better". 

But is it always?

Movies, on the other hand, bring your favorite characters to life: Harry, Frodo, Katniss... And, true, they're A LOT more visually appealing than books (when you don't count reader imagination, that is). Movies can be tackled a lot quicker than books. Even the two-hour-plus epics. Also, with movies, you don't have to worry about buttered popcorn stains on the pages.

But We Want To Know What YOU Think!

Stop by the Teen Department in December and vote for what YOU prefer: The Book or The Movie (See the voting box on the display by the Graphic novels). A winner will be randomly chosen in January.

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