Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Secret Life of Pets (DVD)

So... Years before The Secret Life of Pets movie aired the first teaser trailers, my husband and I pondered the age-old question: "What do Howard and Luna do when we leave for the day?" (Howard and Luna are our cats). It was one of those oddball questions one tosses to their BFF when it's late at night and you're tired and both feeling a bit silly. On the other hand, the inquiry is totally legit. I mean, do they raid the refrigerator? Invite Sam and Zack (the neighbor's dog and cat, respectively) over for wild parties? Haul the old Nintendo out of the closet and challenge each other to a Street Fighter challenge? 

Ok, maybe the question isn't "totally legit," but still funny to discuss...and funny to picture. 

I just never imagined there were others out there who asked the same strange questions of the universe. But apparently, there are similarily twisted minds out there, because here we have The Secret Life of Pets, the latest from Illumination Entertainment and one of the latest additions to the New Movie Shelf.

It all starts when Max, a tiny dog, meets his new roommate, a huge, harry dog named Duke. Things don't exactly go well. There are jealousy issues and territory issues and personality issues. One thing leads to another and the two find themselves collar-less and lost in the streets of New York. After getting jumped by a gang of ally cats, the boys are picked up by a duo of bumbling dog catchers. They quickly sprung from their prison by a rouge bunch strays led by a cute, but psychotic bunny with a serious vendetta against all humans. Max and Duke are soon in a sewer of trouble. Fortunately, Giget, a pampered pooch with a crush on Max, is at the ready to lead the neighborhood pets on the Ultimate Rescue Mission. 

The Secret Life of Pets has everything one could want from a great film: Car chases, kung-fu fights, explosions, heroic rescues, and grand romances. And it all happens before the owners return for the day.

The only drawback is the film's humor isn't exactly geared toward young children (in fact, many of the jokes and situations would fly over a little kid's head). Older children, teens, and adults will find it hilarious, though! In fact, the hubby and I liked it so much we watched it twice. And laughed just as hard the second time as the first.

Also, don't miss the three awesome mini-movies that come with the DVDs Special Features. You'll be humming a certain song from one of the shorts for days afterward. But no spoilers. 

So yes, this one is absolutely recommended!! --AJB

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