Thursday, December 8, 2016

I Could Pee On This Too, by Francesco Marciuliano

Here in the Teen Department, we Teen Librarians read A LOT of books written specifically for the teens and tweens. It's our job to keep on what's good (and not so good) in Teen Literature. But we don't limit ourselves to that. Occasionally we'll pick up and read a book from another department (Youth or Adult). And if we think teens might enjoy said book, we review it here.

This is the case with I Could Pee On This Too: More Poems by Cats, a humorous poetry collection by Francesco Marciuilano.

So: Everyone knows about Librarians and Cats. And it's not just a stereotype or cliche. It's actually true in a lot of cases. We bookish/literary types really DO tend to be cat people as well (Although other animals are cool too. I, personally, have an affinity for turtles--especially sea turtles). I am no different. 

So when I passed by the New shelf in the Adult Area and saw I Could Pee On This Too, with its cover featuring two adorable fluffy kittens, I just had to check it out. And I was pleasantly surprised. Very much so. Because I don't usually go for poetry. In fact, I avoid it if I can. Basic rhyme, slant rhyme, free verse, and the occasional iambic pentameter all kind of escape my interest along with the hidden meanings and metaphorical imageries poems are meant to convey. Reading it just makes my eyes glaze over. Give me straight-up narrative any day.

But I Could Pee On This Too is laugh out loud hilarious! These "poems by cats" are simple and straightforward and totally sum up feline behavior. Anyone who has ever coexisted with a cat will be able to relate to them. There's "Sit," all about a cat's mysterious need to sit on whatever their humans need at the moment. There's "Home Decour," which details knocking things to the floor ("I'm Sorry" reflects the same musings, but involving food). There are poems about catnip, poems about interacting with other cats, poems about the desire to spaz at 3 a.m. after sleeping all day, poems about self-esteem. And more. Accompanying each poem is a cute cat picture, which adds to the book's Awesome Rating. 

I Could Pee On This Too can be found in the Adult Area (811.6 M). --AJB

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