Monday, December 19, 2016

The Romantics, by Leah Konen

So, I've been hearing things about Leah Konen's quirky romantic comedy, The Romantics. And they've all been good things. So how could I NOT check it out.

I was not disappointed.

The Romantics read like the manuscript for an old-school John Hughes film. But cast with modern-day actors...with, perhaps, a cameo from Molly Ringwald and/or maybe that squirrely-looking dude from 16 Candles (you know, the one who wanted to borrow the protag's underpants). The characters were adorkable and quirky, the romance was sweet, and, of course, there was a Happy Ending that was right up there with kissing your crush over your birthday cake whilst wearing a horrible frothy-poofy dress the color of flamingo vomit (but wardrobe doesn't matter, because you're kissing your crush...right?).

The Romantics is narrated by Love. That's right. Love. But if you're thinking a winged, diapered cherub sporting a bow and arrow, get that image out of your head right now. Love, in this case, is more abstract, but still very much a physical character. Love tells the story of Gael, a hopeless romantic band geek who is hopelessly in love with Anika, the girl he's been seeing for the past few weeks. One night, he drops the L-Bomb and thinks everything is cool. Unfortunately, Anika doesn't feel the same way. To add insult to injury, Gael learns Anika has been cheating on him...with his best friend. Gael goes through the usual post-breakup scenario: He mopes, he gets mad, he does the rebound thing... And that's when Love steps in to make sure Gael doesn't miss out on True Love. 

The result: Awesome! 




Yes to that too. 


Yeah. Sometimes.

But Awesome? 

You betcha!

Recommended for someone looking for a light, cute read. --AJB

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