Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Last True Love Story, by Brendan Kiely

Teddy Hendrix is a good kid, but a bit lost. He doesn't really have any true family except his paternal grandfather, aka Gpa, who is suffering from Alzheimer's. His mother is always away for work, so Hendrix is the one who sees Gpa losing his mind more each day. He loves Gpa and the stories he tells about his grandmother who was the love of his life. One thing Hendrix does know is that he wants to write all these stories down before Gpa's mind goes and loses them forever. One day, however, good, sweet, Hendrix does the unthinkable. He asks Corrina, the girl he has a crush on, to help him spring Gpa from the facility he's living in. Corrina, who is just looking for a reason  to leave, takes him up on it. They steal his mother's car, and decide to drive across country to Ithaca, NY, where Gpa and his wife first began their love story.

The Last True Love Story, by Brendan Kiely, is a great YA summer read. It has all of the elements of a fun road trip book, including a budding romance, woven with more serious issues dealing with family and belonging. I really enjoyed the main character Hendrix's love for his grandfather and his dedication to record all of his grandfather's stories for their family history before Gpa loses his memory permanently to Alzheimer's. This is definitely an endearing novel.

I was able to make so many different connections with this book. From the grandfather with Alzheimer's to the many impressive classic rock references. *JK*

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