Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bar Code Tattoo, by Suzanne Weyn

"There's an app for that..."

Well, pretty much.

In the not-so-distant future (2025 to be exact), everyone is getting it: A Bar Code Tattoo that contains ALL one's personal information. To be able to shop, drive, or do anything, you must get one. Rebellious Kayla, 17, hates the idea of being labeled and plans to resist getting the tattoo. Then people with the tattoos begin dying in mysterious ways, and Kayla is sure there is a link between the two. 

When the government agency distributing the tattoos makes the marking mandatory for everyone, Kayla runs away and joins a group of other young rebels. Together, they plan to fight and take down those responsible for the tattoos and their tragic/creepy side effects. Of course there's a romance, plenty of drama, and some seriously sci-fi worthy stuff that, in today's age of apps and smart phones and other micro-technology, isn't really that far off base. 

Suzanne Weyn's 2004 dystopian is a great, if undiscovered, read. 

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