Monday, September 8, 2014

Lies My Girlfriend Told Me, by Julie Anne Peters

Alix thought she and her girlfriend, Swanee, were destined to spend the rest of their lives together. They'd go to the same college after graduation, get an apartment (or a house), and live happily ever after. Then Swanee dies suddenly, leaving Alix grief-stricken and disbelieving. She's not sure how she's supposed to go on. Swanee was everything.

But things go from bad to worse for Alix when she goes up to Swanee's room after the funeral, finds Swanee's phone, and discovers someone named Liana has been texting Swanee...and continues to do so as she stands there, phone in hand. These are not the sort of texts you send to a friend or family member. They're the sort you send to someone you like (love?) in that way. Not stopping to think, Alix pockets the phone. Before long, she's struck up a tentative texting conversation with Liana. Then the two girls begin meeting up and talking about things... And they discover that Swanee hadn't been honest with either of them. About A LOT of things. 

Over the next several weeks, Liana and Alix try to come to terms with Swanee's death and how she played them both. What they didn't expect to come out of this tragedy, this betrayal, was a friendship. Maybe more.

Author Julie Anne Peters always writes a good story, and Lies My Girlfriend Told Me is no exception to this rule. Not your traditional romance, but still real. The connection between Liana and Alix felt very natural. No Insta-(gag me)-Love here. A solid friendship with the promise (maybe) of more. Characters were developed and the storyline unfolded with no lulls or slow spots.

Recommended. --AJB

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