Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Work At A Public Library, by Gina Sheridan

Usually this blog sticks to featuring books that can be found in the Teen Department, what with this being a Teen Book Blog. But occasionally we stumble upon a book from another department that's just too good not to call attention to. And we make an exception.

That said, I have made an executive decision to spotlight Gina Sheridan's I Work In A Public Library, which can be found on the New Book shelf in the Adult DepartmentThis slim (only 150 pages) little gem was brought to my attention while browsing the shelves for something interesting, but not too time-consuming, to read while taking lunch. I thought, "This is something I can relate to!" ('cause I DO work at a public library and have for almost 8 years now). And am I happy I discovered it!

Gina Sheridan, a librarian in St. Louis, has had her fair share of bizarre questions, strange encounters, and unusual discoveries--and she's listed some of the best ones in this book. There are photos of strange "found" objects, questions about things like the proper length of eyebrow hair, requests for autobiographies of mythical creatures, those seeking unusual (and sometimes unorthodox) advice, and more. And, of course, there's Cuckoo Carol, a colorful character (and repeat offender) who has been given her own chapter. Definitely a funny book that had me, quite literally, LOL-ing. 

Want more? Check out the author's website.

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