Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Upcoming Teen Department Events

Stay tuned: There is much awesomeness in store for Teen patrons in October. 

Teen Read Month
All Month Long
Pick up a Teen Read Month activity card starting October 1. Complete it by October 31 and turn it in for a chance to win awesome prizes.

Franken-Toy Workshop
Saturday October 4 @ Noon-3 p.m.
Drop in and create creepy new toys from pieces of old ones. We'll have on hand a huge selection of action figures and Happy Meal prizes that you can disassemble, dismember, and reconfigure into new and bizarre creations. We'll post photos of the best Franken-Toys on this blog and on our Facebook page. No registration necessary.

LEGO Program for Teens
Tuesday October 14 @ 6:30-7:30 p.m.
While the Youth Lego program is on break, we're giving our Teen patrons the chance to have some stop by and make something! Prizes will be awarded for height, originality, and functionality (your creation does something). Creations will be judged by on-duty library staff. Registration required.

Halloween Spooktacular Film Festival
Saturday October 25, beginning @ 10 a.m.
Looking to scare up something fun to do? We'll be showing creepy, scary, and generally ghoul-ish movies all day long the Saturday before Halloween. Drop in and watch a while...if you dare! Movies will be PG & PG-13. No registration necessary.

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