Thursday, September 11, 2014

FEATURED BOOK: Karma Club, by Jessica Brody

What goes around comes around...right?

That's how Madison feels after her longtime boyfriend, Mason, dumps her for uber-popular Heather. But when the Universe doesn't poop on either Mason or Heather (as Madison feels it totally should have done), Madison decides to tap into some of her mother's New Age-y wisdom and take matters into her own hands. Before long, she and a few trusted friends form The Karma Club, a super secret organization whose mission statement is To Clean Up The Messes The Universe Has Been Leaving Behind. In other words, they are in the revenge business, dispensing punishments to those they feel deserve it most. Unfortunately for Madison and the Karma girls, what goes around really does come around (or in their case, back around), and before long they find themselves in a whole mess of trouble. However, when they decide use their powers for good, they are pleasantly surprised by the results.

Jessica Brody's Karma Club is this week's Featured Misfit Book and can be found on our Island of Misfit Books Display. This book is hilarious, entertaining, and thought-provoking, and really deserves a second chance.

Check it out today! 

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