Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Before I Fall, by Lauren Oliver

Life for Samantha Kingston is pretty much fantastic-one of the most popular girls in school, dating the most popular boy, beautiful, and a great group of friends to add to the mix. On the best day of the school year, Cupid's Day, Sam knows it's going to be even more prefect day than the rest. With more roses than anyone else, a cute (and handsome date), and an invitation to a great party how could it not be?

Sam finds out seven times.

Her night does not go as she plans after being involved in a car crash. Sam wakes up to find that it's Cupid's Day all over again. Each day she realizes the differences she makes impacts those around her in tremendous ways. Deep down she knows her life may be over but maybe there is something she can do to save the ones around her.

Even though Sam lives the same day seven times Before I Fall does not loose its reader's attention. I know this for a fact because I was unable to but down the book (and the longer chapters does not help when you say to yourself "I'll put it down when this chapter is over".) Fair warning, the first fifty pages are tough to make it through. Frilly tank tops, frappuccinos, and ways to kiss a boy are the main topics of discussion. If you make it through this the entire tone of Before I Fall changes and Sam gain some true personality that readers will love.

If you enjoy drama and a good tear-jerker, this is a book that you need to pick up and try! Enjoy!

Age Disclaimer: Before I Fall is recommended for older teens due to some content and discussions that the characters have.


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