Saturday, April 25, 2015

Interstellar (Movie)

Have you ever gazed at the stars at night and wondered what is it like to travel through space and if there is life on another planet or in another galaxy? The movie Interstellar, lets you experience an exciting adventure led by the NASA team. The movie is fun and has incredible suspense but before you watch this movie, you might want to understand some of the scientific concepts, such as: Spinning black holes, singularity, wormholes, artificial gravity, gravitational time dilation, and five dimensional reality. The movie also has an emotional side which focuses on a paternal bond between a father and daughter, which remains a constant presence across the film.

So here's the summary. The Earth's future has been riddled by disasters, famines, and droughts. There is only one way to ensure mankind's survival: Interstellar travel. A newly discovered wormhole in the far reaches of our solar system allows a team of astronauts to go where no man has gone before, a planet that may have the right environment to sustain human life.

Cooper, an ex-science engineer and pilot, is tied to his farming land with his daughter Murph and son Tom. As devastating sandstorms ravage Earth's crops, the people of Earth realize their life here is coming to an end as food begins to run out. Eventually stumbling upon a NASA base near Cooper's home, he is asked to go on a daring mission with a few other scientists into a wormhole because of Cooper's scientific intellect and ability to pilot aircraft unlike the other crew members. In order to find a new home while Earth decays, Cooper must decide to either stay, or risk never seeing his children again in order to save the human race by finding another habitable planet.

If you like science fiction movies, this is definitely a great movie to watch! *JK*

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