Monday, April 20, 2015

She's All That (movie)

For Thorwback Monday ('cause I don't want to wait til Thursday), I give you She's All That, a fantastic "oldie-but-goodie" I recently watched. Despite being filmed in the 1990s, when I was a teen, it wasn't until recently that I finally watched this uber-cute, feel-good movie. And I'm really happy I did.

When queen bee and all-around Mean Girl Taylor dumps longtime boyfriend Zack for an annoying reality TV star, Zack is shocked! This could mean his entire social status of High School Golden Boy could be at risk. But Zack is confident. Perhaps overly so. Before the dust settles on his broken heart, Zack has struck a bet with his best friend and fellow jock that he can make any girl (no matter how loser-y) into Prom Queen--just by hanging out with her. They pick nerdy-quirky art geek, Laney, and the fun begins.

Unlike most girls in school, Laney is immune to Zack's charms and thwarts all his attempts to befriend--or even talk to--her. She even attempts to humiliate him (the hacky sack scene!). Zack rises to the challenge and steps up his game. But the more time he spends trying to win Laney over, the more he respects her. The more he likes her. For real.

Soon Laney is transformed from adorkable artsy girl into hot chick (with the typical haircut/removal of glasses/wardrobe change), and she and Zack are looking like they'll become an item. Not to mention Laney is in the running for Prom Queen--and it's looking like she'll win. Doesn't exactly send the best message (if you change yourself, you'll be popular), but for the movie it works.

Of course nothing is that easy. Jealous Taylor doesn't appreciate Laney moving in on her ex OR attempting to take the crown. Also, Zack's friend, the one he made the initial bet with, attempts to sabatoge everything when it looks like he'll lose the bet.

There's some drama, angst, humor, romance. AND, of course, the Happily Ever After ending. And a killer soundtack. YAY!!

The Verdict: She's All That is an absolutely adorable movie! Of course it's predictable (all Rom-Coms from the 80s and 90s are), but oh-so enjoyable! The actors did an awesome job in their roles, particularly the actress who played the mean and bratty Taylor.

She's All That reminded me quite a bit of Can't Buy Me Love, an 80s movie about a nerdy guy who pays the most popular girl to pretend to date him in order to help his social status...but they end up falling in love at the end. Another similar movie from the same era is Teen Witch, where the dorky main character works a spell to become the most popular girl and get her crush to notice her. The spell works--too well!

She's All That is currently on our New Movie shelf. If you're looking for something feel-good and funny with a happy ending and characters you can totally root for, check this one out today! --AJB

p.s. Don't you just love movies where everyone does the same synchronized dance moves during the Big School Dance Scene?

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