Thursday, April 9, 2015

Gabi, a girl in pieces by Isabel Quintero

Cover image for Gabi, a girl in piecesI read the whole book in one sitting, laughed out loud in several places and also shed a few tears :) Gabi’s journal, including illustrations and poems she writes for senior poetry class, is funny, wise and poignant as she draws the reader into the sometimes harsh but loving reality in which she lives. But reality it most definitely is - no Hollywood-ized glamorous life for Gabi in her Californian town. The use of Spanish and English phrases is seamlessly done and allows the reader to see how Gabi lives in two cultures at the same time, while not quite fitting into either. Moving and thoughtful, Gabi is a great female character, always working hard to reach her goal of going to college,that is if Mami allows her to leave home... (Recommended for older teens due to mature content.)SM

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