Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kick-Butt Female Characters

Tris wins title of "Most Kick-Butt
Female Character"
In March we asked you to vote for who was more of a Kick-Butt female character, Katniss (from Hunger Games) or Tris (from Divergent). The votes have been counted. And re-counted. Three times.

And we have the answer:

The winner of the Most Kick-Butt Female Character title is: Tris from Divergent!

Are you surprised?

Yeah, us too!

Really surprised, actually...

In all fairness to Katniss, the vote was very close. She only lost by one vote. (So to those of you out there who didn't vote because you didn't think your vote would matter: It might have made all the difference). So everyone's favorite Hunger Games winner didn't do too poorly.

In April, we're putting a Sci-Fi spin on the monthly poll and asking you to vote for your Favorite Time-Traveling Box. The contestants are Doctor Who's TARDIS and Bill & Ted's Phone Booth.

Stop by and let your voice be heard: VOTE!

And who just might win a prize for voting :)

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