Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Children of Blood and Bone, by Tomi Adeyemi

Zelie’s mother was a powerful maji, who was killed by the royal guards during the raid because of her ability to perform magic. At the kings command, all of the maji were ordered to to be killed in attempt to wipe out magic from the land forever. Their children, "diviners" marked with bright white hair, are spared since their magic was not supposed to reveal itself until they’re older. Without the maji, the diviners are doomed to never acquire their powers. Magic becomes a thing of the past. Almost a legend. Diviners are treated like animals, having to pay higher taxes which causes some to be forced into selling themselves into slavery. The diviners, who are referred to as "maggots", live in fear as they are also frequent victims and survivors of violent crime. They would dye or cut their hair to conceal their identities as diviners, but the white strands repeal all methods of remaining hidden.

Many years later, an artifact resurfaces that possesses the ability to give magic back to any diviners who touch it. Orisha’s rebel of a princess, Amari, escapes the castle with the stolen artifact with the help of Zelie. Teaming up with Zelie’s stubborn brother Tzain, they find themselves in an important quest to try to bring the magic back to all the diviners, “The Children of Blood and Bone”.  

Any teen will fall in love with the magical people from the land of Orisha. The diverse characters, intricate character development, and meaningful plot line will keep readers turning the pages until its over. There are also giant cats the characters ride on, so that is pretty awesome. Zelie and her cause to give the magic back to the diviners so they can stand up to their oppressors is both powerful and inspiring. This book is also told from 3 alternating points of view every chapter or so. Adults and teens alike will not be able to put this book down until it is finished. I loved it. It is everything I wanted out of a 2018 fantasy novel and more.

MOVIE ALERT: In additional exciting news, the book is signed in to become a movie in development at Fox 2000/Temple Hill Productions with the incredible producers Karen Rosenfelt and Wyck Godfrey (you know them from their work in movies like- Twilight, The Fault In Our Stars, Love Simon). Read it before it hits theaters! 


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