Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Warcross, by Marie Lu

An ever-changing virtual reality world, bounty hunters, food delivering robots, a warrior of a heroine, a slice of romance, game-changing plot twists- what more can you want from a science fiction novel?!

Warcross is the name of a virtual reality game that changes the world. You can use it to escape to a virtual island in the sun, make a “better version” of yourself in your avatar, play the actual fighting game it is used for, or keep yourself logged in on your walk to work so anyone else also logged in can see your virtual pet dragon following behind you. The Warcross tournament is an event that is kind of like the Olympics. Everyone watches from around the world. The game itself is essentially capture the flag style, but set in virtual reality with amazing power-ups like being able to fly.

Emika Chen is an orphaned teen who is struggling in life. She has a job as a waitress, but is about to be evicted from her apartment due to a lot of debt. She also works as a bounty hunter for the New York City police to make ends meet and she escapes into Warcross on her off time. An experienced hacker, she attempts to hack into a professional Warcross game to try and make some quick cash. She is caught by the game creator, young billionaire and skilled inventor, Hideo Tanaka. Quickly, Emika’s life is changing into something she did not know she would be getting herself into.

This science fiction has some seriously stellar technology flares that Emika (as a hacker) can see as breaches through its security. Any teen interested in technology would enjoy this piece of science fiction that might not be too far off from our own world after all. As Hideo Tanaka says, “everything’s science fiction until someone makes it science fact”.   

This book will make you feel like you have entered an episode of Netflix's Black Mirror - MC

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