Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Finding Someplace, by Denise Lewis Patrick

A book you should read is a beautiful novel by Denise Lewis Patrick. It's called Finding Someplace. Reesie is turning 13 years old, August 29th, 2005. This spunky girl who is living in New Orleans believes her birthday is going to be the start of something great. However, in the middle of coconut cake and presents, one of the most deadliest hurricanes, hurricane Katrina decides to strike. Everyone else is paranoid about the staying through the storm so evacuations are made immediately. Reesie is stuck with her elderly neighbor Miss Martine. As they barely escape on a boat, the storm was not the only thing that shook Reesie. Finding Someplace talks about the importance of family and truly finding someplace to fit in. It taught me that storms can destroy anything, but it can get you closer with the people you love. - Teen Summer Reader

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