Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Invisible Emmie, by Terri Libenson

Emmie is a talented artist, but painfully awkward and shy. Especially when it comes to boys (and one boy in particular). 

Katie is everything Emmie is not: Pretty, popular, and has no trouble talking to anyone (cute boys included).

The drama begins when a secret love letter Emmie writes about her crush is stolen by the most obnoxious boy in class and circulated through the entire middle school. Emmie is horrified! To make matters worse, Emmie has a fight with her best friend over the loss of the note. So she's never felt more alone.

What's more, the crush in question just happens to be Katie's new boyfriend! 

Katie, who has pretty much the same class schedule as Emmie, witnesses her classmate's humiliation in full...including the fact that her BF seems to return Emmie's feelings. 

What will happen next?

Will Katie confront Emmie about the note (and about her boyfriend's reaction)?

Will Katie instead help her less-popular classmate deal?

Will Emmie continue to take the teasing?

Will she finally learn to stick up for herself?

At this point, anything can happen.

But no spoilers!

Like with Terri Libenson's other book, Positively Izzy, Invisible Emmie boasts a cast of likable characters, a well-developed plot, and a surprise twist. While I didn't like Emmie quite as much as I did Izzy, there was plenty of dramatic action to keep me reading. And I still very much enjoyed the story. 

I would definitely recommend it!


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