Thursday, June 21, 2018

Flight of Dragons (DVD)

Recently I recommended ordering a bunch of animated (and Anime) films to add to our growing DVD collection. Among them was Flight of Dragons, which popped up as an "if you like...try..." recommendation for one of the other films. The reviews were glowing and Fantasy films are popular here, so I figured we'd give it a try.

Over the weekend, I decided to check it out. And, despite the decidedly old-school animation, I was not disappointed! This movie was pretty fantastic!

Flight of Dragons opens with the Green Wizard expressing his concerns about the negative impact of modern society on the environment and, in turn, the repercussions that impact is having on the realm of magic. Before his power disappears entirely, he contacts his brothers the Blue Wizard and the Yellow Wizard. Together they determine a champion is needed to defeat the diabolical Red Wizard, who has basically cursed the world and humankind to self-destruct, destroying all positive magic with it and leaving in its wake a world of evil. Pretty harsh!

Enter Peter, a gamer geek from the 20th Century. We first meet Peter while he is playing a Dungeons and Dragons-like game with an elderly friend. Although skeptical at first (because this kid hardly looks like warrior material), the three Wizards decide to trust the wisdom of the Fates that Peter's combined love of science and fantasy is what is needed to save the day. 

The Green Wizard brings Peter to the Realm of Magic, but a spell goes awry and traps the young man in the body of a dragon. But the quest happens anyway. Aided by an aging knight, a warrior princess, a Hobbit-like creature, and a magical wolf, Peter does, indeed vanquish the Red Wizard. But it is his intelligence, not his sword (or fiery breath), that saves the day. This was a twist I wasn't expecting, but really appreciated.

Although originally released in the mid-1980s, Flight of Dragons touches on some issues that are very timely today, such as environmental awareness and accepting others rather than making war with them. 

Overall, Flight of Dragons was an enjoyable movie. I'd recommend it to fans of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Eragon, and other classic fantasy stories.


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