Saturday, July 27, 2013

More Reviews by Oxford Teens

It's great to see so many teens so enthusiastic about reading that they're willing to write reviews about the books they love (and sometimes hate). Not only are these reviews helpful to other teens who are looking for something to read. They're also helpful to staff so we can see what's popular and order similar books. Here are a couple more reviews:

Eighth grader Haley read Siobhan Vivian's The List while on vacation, and gives it the highest possible rating: "Each year, a high school makes a list saying the prettiest and ugliest girls from each grade. Each chapter talks about how each girl's life changed (because of the list). I loved this book so much! I could not put it down! It is my favorite book. I think every girl should read it because it has a really good message at the end."

Hannah, 14, enjoyed Dragonspell, the first book in Donita K. Paul's Dragonkeeper Chronicles: "I love this series and have recommended it to many. The plot is amazing and has you laughing and crying with the characters." Hannah tried this series because her mom remembered that her older brother read and enjoyed it--and thought her daughter might like it too. She was correct.

Oxford Teens are awesome! Thank you to everyone who submitted a review!

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