Thursday, July 25, 2013

Teen Reviewers

As part of our 2013 Teen Summer Reading Program, we've offered to trade book reviews for duckies (not real ones), and the turnout has been fantastic! Here are but a few reviews from OPL teen readers:

Ariana, 14, read The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin, and she loved this mystery: "(The Westing Game) was brilliantly written and captivating from start to finish. It had characters you can understand and an amazing plot!" Ariana would recommend this book to everyone!

Noah, 12, read The Fourth Stall Saga, v. III on recommendation from the librarian, and ended up sharing it with others: "I recommended this book to a friend because it puts a different take on everyday middle school life. And it's got a big cliffhanger. Whenever you think something's going to happen, a complete opposite thing happens. It's an overall good read.

Nicole, 12, loved Katie Alendar's Bad Girls Don't Die: "It's a great book! The dialogue seems pretty true and the plot is somewhat believable. This book is well-written with a distinctive voice. It's pretty interesting. And it's very descriptive." Nicole would recommend this suspenseful story for ages 12-15. 

Kendall, 14, really enjoyed Airborn, the first in Kenneth Oppel's Airborn saga: "I liked the book because the main characters are about the same age (as me). Also, I liked the adventure and a little bit of the romance. The inventions and modes of travel are very Steampunk and cool, if you like that sort of thing." Kendall recommends this sci-fi adventure for all ages. However, she warns, there is some violence.

Interested in writing for this blog? Stop by the Teen Desk and pick up a review form. Reviews don't have to be long. They don't even have to be positive (we except negative reviews too!). And these reviews most definitely are not book reports like you'd do for school. Think of these reviews as telling a friend how much you loved (or didn't love) a book. Your reviews just might help another teen find their next favorite book. How cool would that be!--AJB

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