Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Teen Reviewer: The Infinite Moment of Us

Teen reviewer Olivia read an advanced reader copy of The Infinite Moment of Us, by Lauren Miracle. Despite the book's pretty cover, Olivia wasn't very impressed with the story. Here is her review:

"This is the type of book I'm glad to have read, but won't remember. The book is about a high school graduate named--love this name--Wren. Wren is an only child and lives on her parents' terms. Wren has a hard time falling in love and also going against her parents' wishes. The book, I felt, was too rushed. There weren't very many themes that were explained. They were mentioned, but they just didn't have an effect. There wasn't a good balance of material, because it's written in a childish, innocent, lovable, admirable fashion meant for 12-16 year olds. However, the sex scene was highly inappropriate, and I did not enjoy it at all. I felt it paid no meaning to the essence of the book. It really just made the reader uncomfortable. The cover of the book is gorgeous, and I found myself more interested in the minor characters instead of Wren and Charlie. The last half of the book was extremely predictable, and I felt the climax as well as the ending was rushed"

The Infinite Moment of Us will be released on August 20, 2013. However, it's not likely Olivia would recommend it.

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