Thursday, March 29, 2012

Don't Get Even, Do THIS!

You know that one person who does that one thing that just irritates you to no end? (You know what I'm talking about). Well, don't get mad. Don't even get even. Express your feelings by leaving them a hostile, yet polite note. They'll know exactly how you feel, and you'll feel better having gotten all than negativity out of your system without resorting to violence. Not sure how to do this? Well then, Passive Aggressive Notes will teach you the specifics of this common, yet hard to master, art form. Once you start expressing your anger and frustration through Passive Aggressive Notes, you'll never want to resort to violence or vandalism again. Imagine if everyone expressed their negative emotions this way. This world would be a much more peaceful place. Ok... Even if that's not true, Passive Aggressive Notes is, at the very least, good for a laugh or two. --AJL

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