Monday, March 26, 2012

Healing...and Moving On.

On the first night of Summer, Ember's family loses their home in a fire. A fire, Ember suspects, that was set by the boy she thought was her best friend. Ansen's father believes Ember's family are witches...and he's sort of right. But not in the evil, pointy-black-hat, turn-boys-into-toads sense. Ember's family are Wiccans, and her mother suppliments the family's meager income by reading Tarot cards. The worst part is Ember's beloved dog disappeared the night of the fire. And Ember fears the worst. Now homeless, Ember's family moves to a campground where they live in cheap tents. Fearing more fallout if people discover the truth about her family's beliefs, Ember does everything she can not to make new friends. If questioned, she lies about who her family are. About who she is. All the while, Ember works on a revenge spell on Anson. Finally, Ember begins to heal. And she's finally able to move on.

Looking for something really good to read? Try Body of Water, available on both book and audio. --AJL

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