Thursday, March 29, 2012

On No You Didn't! (Oh Yes, You Did!)

When Teens of today are feeling angst-y (or happy) about something, they blog it or update their status or tweet it--all for the world to see. But lacking that sort of advanced technology, the Teens of the past expressed their joys and frustrations in journals and diaries. These were usually kept hidden, their covers scrawled with ominous threats of torture and dismemberment for any who dared invade the sanctity of their sacred pages. But with Cringe, these formerly private musings of long-ago teens are now as available to the public as something posted on Facebook or Twitter. And they're hilarious! True, for many teens, anyone older than 25 is, like, OLD, but open Cringe and you'll see that these geezers were once teenagers just like you. And they had the same issues. Friends, parents, crushes, celebrities, their own private insecurities. No topic is safe from Cringe. Teens will relate...and "old people" will Cringe, remembering their teenage years.

Reviewer's Note: For those of you newly "Old" people, some of the topics in Cringe may still hit a little too close to home. So read with caution.

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