Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Only Survivor

Think Katniss Everdeen was tough? After losing her family in a Great Disaster that fills the air with smoke and covers the land in ash, Green Angel, 15, must learn to survive in a dangerous new world where gangs of scavengers will kill for the smallest scrap of food. As the seasons pass, Green changes. First she is fearful, hiding from those who vandalize her home and pillage her family's garden. Allowing her grief and anger get the better of her, Green attempts to numb her pain through self-mutilation, becoming someone even the most dangerous scavengers fear. Finally, Green begins to heal--and with that healing comes hope. Hope for herself and hope for her world.

Unlike most dystopia stories, there isn't much action in Green Angel. This story isn't about running from or fighting some external threat. Rather, the threats Green faces are her own inner demons, which she must defeat if she is to regain a normal life. --AJL 

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