Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lost...and Found

Janie, 15, is tired of her boring life, her boring neighborhood, and her boring (yet strict) parents. Even her name, Jane Johnson, is boring. But Janie should've been more careful what she wished for when hoping for some excitement. During lunch, Janie recognizes the photo of the missing child printed on the side of her milk carton. The little girl in the photo is her! Janie learns she was kidnapped at age 3. But how could her parents--or the people she's come to think of as her parents--kidnap anyone? There's more to the story than Janie could ever have suspected. Will Janie find the courage to contact her birth family? And what will happen to her kidnapped family if she does?

Caroline Cooney's classic Face on the Milk Carton isn't exactly a believable story, and the drama of Janie's indicision over what to do about her sudden situation stretches out far too long. But there's quite a bit of excitement, tons of drama, and even a bit of innocent romance. And lets face it. This is a modern classic and one everyone should read at least once. And, if you like it, Janie's story continues over the course of three more books: Whatever Happend to JanieThe Voice on the Radio, and What Janie Found.  --AJL

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