Monday, March 5, 2012

Where there's a witch, there's a way

Kendra (of Beastly fame) is back in Bewitching. Turns out Kyle Kingsbury wasn't the first teen she helped with her own special kind of magic.

Emma has a stepsister problem. Lisette seems sweet enough at first (and has a pretty face on top of it), but we soon learn she's as manipulative and as nasty as wicked stepsisters come. She soon disrupts every aspect of Emma's life. So after enough drama to fill up an entire season of reality TV, Emma decides something has to be done and enlists the aid of Kendra. As readers may recall, Kendra's spells don't always turn out as planned. But everything always works out in the end.

Throughout this book, readers will encounter more fairy tales than they would during a visit to the Magic Kingdom. And it seems as though this, rather than the story itself, was the author's main objective. Bewitching wasn't nearly as good as Beastly, but fans of Alex Flinn and fairy tale retellings will enjoy it. --AJL

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