Saturday, March 10, 2012

What Happend to Glory Flemming?

Teenage piano prodigy Glory Flemming, 17,  has vanished without a trace. Ever since her mother's death, Glory's mental state has been delicate. Her strict practice schedule and controlling stage parent of a father doesn't help matters. Her only solace is the time she spends with boy next door, Frank. A friendship and, finally, a romance evolves. But soon her father forbids Glory from having any Frank, claiming it interferes with her budding career as a concert pianist. A career Glory does not want. Finally Glory is unable to play anything but the song Chopsticks.  And then she vanishes. Told entirely through photos, text messages, news clippings, drawings, and other media, Chopsticks flashes back through the months leading up to Glory's disappearance. Can you figure out what happend to her?

Mixed-media books that tell their story through formats other than straight text seem to be growing in popularity, and Chopsticks is one of the best so far. Part love story and part mystery, this one is not to be missed! --AJL

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