Friday, March 30, 2012

Who Made the Cut?

Each year, a week before Homecoming, Mount Washington High experiences an odd tradition. Copies of a very unusual  List mysteriously appear around the school. On it are the names of two girls from each grade. One girl is named as the prettiest. The other the ugliest. No one knows who started this tradition or how long ago that was. The students have just accepted it as a part of Homecoming. This year is no different. The List is posted. Eight girls are named. This novel by Siobhan Vivian follows these eight girls over the week leading up to the big Game and Dance. Each girl reacts differently to her new title, but not all in the ways you'd expect. So how will they react? How would you?

Although the idea for this book is fantastic, the amount of viewpoints (eight!) makes it hard to follow. Throughout, I had to keep turning back to the beginning of the book where there is a copy of the infamous list to see who was who. Additionally, the abrupt ending gives it an unfinished feeling. Nothing is really resolved. No one really gets closure. This is very frustrating! However, it does keep you reading... --AJL

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