Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Teen Reviewer: Once Dead, Twice Shy

Being dead sucks. You can’t do anything, like eating, sleeping, or really breathing. No one knows this better then Madison Avery. How come? Cause she’s dead, obviously. Well not completely dead, just Once Dead Twice Shy. Why isn’t she completely dead? Well, it’s a long story that involves warring groups of angles trying to control more souls. She had just turned seventeen when some guy with nice black hair killed her.  However before her soul could pass on into the next life he tries to steal her body from the morgue. Madison, being understandably freaked, out grabs his amulet, the source of the reapers powers and runs. She crashes into Barnabas, a light reaper who was supposed to protect her, but failed. The amulet gives her the appearance of a body. So she can be touched, but the reaper who killed her stole her body from the morgue. So she has his amulet, but he has her body. Now she has to juggle learning how to use the amulet, finding her body, living with her divorced father, figure out how to talk to a cute boy, and she’s starting school, all while being dead. And that’s just the start of the first book!

This is a fantastic series by one of my favorite writers, Kim Harrison. The second book Early to Death, Early to Rise, is just as good. But I can’t really say anything about it without ruining the first one. Great series with lots of memorable moments and characters, I highly recommend checking out. --Brandon Young, Teen Reviewer

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